Two Del Tacos Now Open in Henderson

HENDERSON, NV – Doubly exciting is the opening of two new Del Taco restaurants located at 135 N. Stephanie at Wigwam and 10485 Spencer, just north of St. Rose. These 2,500 SF restaurants are well-positioned with locations in a high-growth areas, surrounded by both commercial and residential development. Both projects were designed by architect Avaruus Studios and owned by Del Taco Management. New ground-up construction for both Del Taco restaurants included utilities, grading, paving, concrete, steel, ornamental metal, masonry, roofing, metal flashing, framing, glazing, drywall, painting, stucco, tile, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, lighting, signage, landscaping, etc.17-1-5_DCBG_DelTaco_Hend_023 8x5 150

17-1-5_DCBG_DelTaco_Hend_009 8x5 150

17-1-5_DCBG_DelTaco_StRose_022 8x5 150 17-1-5_DCBG_DelTaco_StRose_040 8x5 150