Southern Hills Baptist Church; New Location Opens near Blue Diamond

LAS VEGAS, NV – DC Building Group is proud to announce that services and programming have begun at the new location for Southern Hills Baptist Church. Josh Teis, Lead Pastor, started Southern Hills Baptist Church in 2004 in Las Vegas. After 11 years of growth at the small plant church located at 5840 La Costa Canyon Court, the services reached capacity at 800 parishioners per week. In 2015, the pastoral team of Josh, Fred, Jason e.t. began their pursuits of building a new church. Once the church’s financial and operations team partnered with JVC Architects and DC Building Group, this exciting ground-up project broke ground in February 2016 at 6425 W. Pebble Road near Blue Diamond Highway just east of Rainbow Blvd. Almost a mile of water and new utilities were brought in. This complete site development features a 14,855 square-foot building, a 600-seat auditorium, lobby, lounge, offices and meeting rooms. The exterior face
of the building parallel to Pebble includes an optical-effect: a “structural play” using a relief and recessed cross. A flame motif and a holy cross sit atop the rotunda entrance, which also has a graduated rise around the outer circumference of the circular lobby. The interior is painted with lively colors from teal and orange to purple and lime. High tech audio, graphics and projection are also included in the stage productions.

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