Harrah’s Wine & Spirits Earns DCBG 17th Safe Site Award

LAS VEGAS, NV – DC Building Group is proud to announce that Harrah’s Wine & Spirits located on The Las Vegas Strip in Harrah’s Hotel and Casino at 3475 W. Las Vegas Blvd is now open. All teams successfully completed the shop for a New Year’s Eve opening. Architects at X9 (Ten-Nine) Design Group reworked the 1,300 square feet of space to highlight cases of spirits. The existing space underwent tear-out of storefront signage, doors and cement. New construction included a façade, steel, framing, finishes, electrical, panels, lighting, signage, concrete, asphalt, landscaping, etc. DCBG accepted a Safe Site Award from NCA/AGC for this project making Harrah’s Wine and Spirits the 17th Safe Site Award accumulated to date.

17th Safe Site Award Jamie and Alfredo Harrah Wine Spirits Dec 2016 600x logos

spirits-aisle-opened-12-29-8x6-150spirits-casino-glass-opened-12-29-7x4-150 spirits-interior-no2-ppl-opened-12-29-8x6-150spirits-front-entry-opened-12-29-5x3-150