Danoski Clutts Joins In Groundbreaking At Canyon Gate Country Club

Las Vegas, NV – Danoski Clutts Building Group (DCBG) is pleased to announce the groundbreaking of their latest project, Canyon Gate Country Club Clubhouse Addition. On hand to celebrate were Bryce Clutts (President, DCBG), Rob Silvestri (Board Liaison for the Canyon Gate project), Jeff Silvestri & Mark Brandon (Chairmen of the Board of Governors), Shawn Danoski (CEO, DCBG), Rick Martin (15-year member of Canyon Gate Country Club) and Ben Wood (General Manager for Canyon Gate Country Club). The project, which includes various tenant improvements as well as an addition to the Clubhouse, has been four years in the making. “This has been a long process, but will create added value to the club. The project is very important to us. We want to see some brick and mortar and see it get-going!” exclaimed Mark Brandon.

The official ground breaking was March 18, 2009 with a scheduled date of completion slated for the end of July of this year. The first level of the addition will expand the fitness center. During the build-out, the second level will utilize a lot of steel for infrastructure that will be further developed into an entertainment deck. The architect of record is PGAL, who has partnered with Danoski Clutts on previous construction ventures. Their excellent working relationship will truly benefit the short project time frame. Rick Martin explained, “I am very excited (about this). It is nice to see this finally happen. It will really open the club up.”